At the Court of Osiris

Book of the Dead spell 194
a rare Egyptian judgment text
edited and interpreted with a commentary by
Terence DuQuesne

(Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology IV)

This book contains the first complete, critical edition of spell 194 of the Book of the Dead, which belongs to the cycle of judgment texts. Spell 194 concerns particularly the justification of the deceased through magical proficiency and illustrates the function of Anubis as assessor and psychopomp. It is of exceptional interest for the historian of religions and for the Egyptologist alike. The document survives on a number of papyri of Ramesside and later date, two of which have not previously been published in full. DuQuesne includes an essay in interpretation and a comprehensive analysis of the iconography.

publication date: 1994
large format (US Standard), paperback, 74 pages, 9 plates
ISBN 1-871266-20-3
out of print