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The Jackal Divinities of Egypt I

From the Archaic Period to Dynasty X Terence DuQuesne (Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology VI) This volume is the first comprehensive study of the jackal deities of Egypt during the pharaonic period and the result of nearly twenty years’ research. The author studies the iconography, nature, and functions of Anubis and …

Seshat 6: Spring 2003

(Studies in memory of Elémire Zolla) Articles: Elémire Zolla – a profile (Grazia Marchianò), The Egyptian Book of Encompassing Eternity (Terence DuQuesne), The Bridge of the Justified (BH Stricker), Beyond the slamming doors: the Symplegades in folklore (J-L Le Quellec), Healing and magic among the Guarani of Paraguay (JR Ogdon), …

Anubis, Upwawet, and Other Deities

Personal Worship and Official Religion in Ancient Egypt Terence DuQuesne Catalogue of the Jackal Deities exhibition at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, March-April 2007 Supreme Council of Antiquities, Cairo, 2007 A4, paperback, 78 pages, profusely illustrated in colour ISBN 977-437-231-X  

Anubis and the Spirits of the West

a study of the jackals and the solar barque in Egyptian religion Terence DuQuesne (Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology I) publication date: 1990 8vo, paperback, 24 pages, illustrated ISBN 1-871266-10-6 The original 1990 edition of this work is out of print, but has been superseded by a revised and updated second …

Jackal at the Shaman’s Gate

a study of Anubis Lord of Ro-Setawe with the conjuration to chthonic deities (PGM XXIII) text, translation, and commentary, and an annotated bibliography of the Anubis archetype by Terence DuQuesne

(Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology III)


Black and Gold God

colour symbolism of the god Anubis

with observations on the phenomenology of colour
in Egyptian and comparative religion

Terence DuQuesne

(Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology V)


Seshat 3: Autumn 1999

  Articles: Pushkin, Solzhenitsyn and the retreat from reason (Anthony James), Egypt’s image in the European Enlightenment (Terence DuQuesne), Some aspects of Adam Qadmon in the Qabalah (Yehuda Shamir). Prose: Short story: The secret history (John Taylor). Poetry by Ellen Zaks, Gulmaram Melter, Marc Swan, MG Michaud, Christopher Woods, RJ …