A Coptic Initiatory Invocation

(PGM IV 1-25)
an essay in interpretation, with critical text and commentary by
Terence DuQuesne

(Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology II)


This volume contains a detailed commentary on a Coptic invocation in the Great Paris Magical Papyrus. The author regards many of the Greco-Egyptian magical texts as having considerable intellectual depth and as reflecting the serious philosophy and spirituality of the period. These documents are acknowledged to be of great interest to historians of religion as well as to Egyptologists. The author offers a number of new interpretations of Egyptian religion and symbolism and discusses analogies with Indian and other religious systems. This book forms part of the author’s research-in-progress towards a comprehensive work about the god Anubis, with particular reference to Egyptian magic.

A Coptic Initiatory Invocation contains a critical text, introduction, commentary, and essay in interpretation, together with an extensive bibliography and full indices.

Terence DuQuesne is the most recent scholar to devote attention to these papyri. His own approach is radically different from the one which prevailed up to now. He argues powerfully that a ‘Mithras Liturgy’ re-emerges in this collection of papyri. This is a text of almost overwhelming complexity, but anyone who studies it will remain fascinated.
Elémire Zolla Uscite dal mondo

publication date: 1991
large format (US Standard), paperback, 108 pages
ISBN 1-871266-11-4
out of print