Darengo Publications

Darengo Publications was set up by Terence DuQuesne to publish original scholarly works on Egyptology, and also poetry and other material that he, friends and like-minded colleagues felt should be available to scholars and to the public.

Darengo publishes Terence DuQuesne’s Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology series, of which the three most recent titles are currently in print.

Although Darengo is a small, independent publisher, we intend to expand our range of books in the future. Our most recent title is the new, revised and updated edition of the complete known poems of Sappho of Lesbos, edited and translated by Terence DuQuesne, which comes with an audio-CD, and we hope eventually to complete and publish two further volumes of Terence DuQuesne’s The Jackal Divinities of Egypt.

Orders and enquiries to:
Darengo Publications, 14 Lyndhurst Way, London SE15 5AT, UK
info [at] darengo [dot] co [dot] uk

If you don’t want to order on line, you can send us a cheque, which should be in UK pounds sterling and made payable to Daniel Jacobs. It is also possible, by arrangement, to pay by bank transfer. For this and any other enquiries, please e-mail us or use this contact form. Please note that, regrettably, we are unable to offer sale or return. Trade terms apply.

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