Seshat 6: Spring 2003

(Studies in memory of Elémire Zolla)

Articles: Elémire Zolla – a profile (Grazia Marchianò), The Egyptian Book of Encompassing Eternity (Terence DuQuesne), The Bridge of the Justified (BH Stricker), Beyond the slamming doors: the Symplegades in folklore (J-L Le Quellec), Healing and magic among the Guarani of Paraguay (JR Ogdon), The moon and the juniper-tree: the poetry of Maurice Scève (Mark de Brito), The archetype of the supernatural lady (Elémire Zolla).

paperback, A5, 87 pages
UK £9.50 (plus postage and packing: £1.50 to the UK, £3.05 to Europe, £4.50 to the rest of the world)