Sappho of Lesbos


paperback, A5, 144 pages, includes audio CD with the poems in English and Greek, and download code to obtain the audio files as mp3s.
UK £19.99 (plus postage and packing: £1.70 to the UK, £5.15 to Europe, £7.90 to the rest of the world)
ISBN 1-871266-02-5
revised edition expected April 2016



Sappho coverSappho of Lesbos


The Greek text edited and translated by Terence DuQuesne. New edition, revised in light of the finds announced in 2004 and 2014, with audio CD and audio file download code.

Sappho of Lesbos was celebrated across the Greco-Roman world for the sublime beauty of her verse, appreciated by classical connoisseurs for its purity, sophistication and spirituality. Famously, of course, many of her poems declaim her love for other women, and it is thanks to Sappho’s love that gay women are today known as lesbians. This book contains a fresh and literate translation of Sappho’s surviving poems, and includes an introduction, notes, and a critical text. Originally published in 1989, and long out of print, the work has been substantially revised, and now includes poems newly discovered in 2004 and 2014, together with explanatory essays on all the new finds. The accompanying CD (available alternatively as an audio file download) is the first ever audio recording of Sappho’s known poems, which are read in Greek by Sonia Ephremides, and in English by Dwina Murphy-Gibb.