Poems and Translations
Terence DuQuesne

Caduceus cover scan (reduced)Thirteen of Terence DuQuesne’s own poems, plus eight translations made with DuQuesne’s characteristic flair and dedication, from texts in Greek, Coptic, and Hieroglyphic Egyptian. Like a worm-hole into another time, this book takes us back to the worship of ancient gods – Hecate, Selene, Osiris, Anubis – spiritual, powerful, and uplifting, with an introduction by jazzman George Melly.

“These poems are bardic and incantatory, the reader is caught in a time-slip, we are among the old gods…. The words in this book have an undeniable charge: the writer is committed to the power that informs them. There is a great deal of learning behind the translations from the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Coptic texts which are powerful and fascinating.” – Other Poetry

“Out-and-out spiritual poetry. It burns with the heat of the Egyptian desert…. Love and devotion, bhakti, is here. Mr DuQuesne lives with the ancient, living gods, and has chosen their ageless and timeless Path for his own…. The translations from the Greek, Egyptian and Coptic make a fascinating section on the love and desire of the human soul for the gods, translated with a great freshness and energy. The old voices ring through very naturally. All translations are annotated, with sources, in a most scholarly way by this dedicated linguist and poet.” – ORE

2nd edition, Prebendal Press, 1989
paperback, 23.5 x 16.5 cm, 48 pages
UK £7 (plus postage and packing: £1.50 to the UK, £3.80 to Europe, £5 to the rest of the world)
ISBN 0-871266-07-6