The Jackal Divinities of Egypt I


publication date: 2005
large format (A4), 566 pages, profusely illustrated
casebound in buckram, gold blocked
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ISBN 1-871266-24-6



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The Jackal Divinities of Egypt I (Cover)From the Archaic Period to Dynasty X
Terence DuQuesne

(Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology VI)

Regrettably, this book is now out of print.

This volume is the first comprehensive study of the jackal deities of Egypt during the pharaonic period and the result of nearly twenty years’ research.

The author studies the iconography, nature, and functions of Anubis and related divinities from Predynastic times to the end of the First Intermediate Period, placing his findings in the religious and social context. Successive chapters consider the role of animal cults in early Egypt, the relevant hieroglyphs and divine names, information from tomb inscriptions, priesthoods, cults and festivals, and many other topics. Annotated translations of the numerous relevant Pyramid Texts are included.

A detailed overview of the jackal deities and their interrelationships is provided, and there two chapters discuss the formula of offerings and offer new interpretations. The Jackal Divinities of Egypt I is of broad interest to scholars working on the archaeology and history of the Old Kingdom, and also to students of comparative religion.